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What is Plant Egg?

Plant Egg™ is a capsule that includes a seed and everything the seed needs to survive and flourish, ALL ORGANIC and 100% SAFE.

Plant Egg makes it incredibly easy for anyone to grow a successful garden almost anywhere. Just plant the capsule. Timed release organic fertilizers, insecticide, even an animal repellent surround the seed as it grows. So you get higher yields in any soil environment: sand, clay, topsoil, whatever.

Plant Egg truly is the simplest way to get the flowers and vegetables you want. No gardening tools, fertilizers or “green thumb” required. That makes a Plant Egg garden perfect for window boxes, hanging baskets, “square foot” gardens, pots and planters.

Everything Needed in One Capsule

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    Increases Crop
    Health and

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    Reduces Negative

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    Lowers the
    Overall Cost
    of Farming

Get Growing with Plant Egg

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The Plant Egg™ Advantage

  • No “green thumb” needed! Even if you’ve never planted a garden before, you can succeed with Plant Egg.
  • 100% Organic
  • Fertilizers and concentrates surround the seed and stay with the growing plant as it thrives… they don’t run off or dissolve too soon. Timed-release animal repellant keeps deer and other foragers away until plant matures.
  • More plants survive, with more of the flowers and vegetables you really want.
  • No fertilizers, soil conditioners, ph balancing, insecticides, animal repellents or other nutrients needed.
  • Grow in any soil environment: sand, clay, topsoil or plain old dirt. In fact, Plant Egg will literally germinate and grow on concrete (up to a point, of course).
  • Tested and proven over 10 years at major universities under controlled conditions.

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